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Sapphirus and FocalPointK12 to revolutionize learning in India

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Personalized Learning Platform by FocalPointK12

Sapphirus Systems and FocalPointK12 have partnered to revolutionize education in India through FocalPointK12's Personalized Learning Platform. FocalPointK12 delivers Next Generation Visible Learning using a scientific approach. Powered with xAPI, Learning Records Store (LRS) technology, and relevancy algorithms, FocalPointK12's learning platform can deliver advanced learning analytics that drives student engagement, match digital resources with targeted student needs, and support learning that is personalized and data-driven. The organization used Professor John Hattie’s groundbreaking study, Visible Learning (2009), to design a Personalized Learning Platform that empowers students and teachers to engage in those activities and strategies most impactful to improving student outcomes.

Sapphirus will be closely working with FocalPointK12 to deliver FocalPointK12's Personalized Learning Platform to K - 12 institutions in India.

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